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Soundscape Productions

Audio production, mixing, expert podcast creation, voice recording, music composition, and more….

Our clients come in… and stay for 30 years.

Soundscape is the creative home of audio professional Michael Moss.  Moss is an accomplished saxophonist (Cab Calloway, Aretha Franklin, the Temptations, Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra), composer (compositions have garnered 3 Grammy nominations), engineer (John Kraszinski, Viggo Mortensen, Robin Williams, Liam Neeson), producer, Berklee professor, course author (Berklee College of Music course on podcasting), artist, and inventor.

Michael and his staff of producers, engineers, and editors deliver pristine audio that communicates, touches, entertains, and impacts the lives of your audience.


Audio with a face.


Audio with a heart.


Audio with a soul.


Recording voice, recording instruments, recording bands, recording classical music, producing and recording singer/songwriters, recording jazz bands, overdubbing vocals, field recording, audio editing, recording interviews, recording man-in-the-streets, recording sound effects, recording ambient sound, sampling audio, pre-production meetings, punch-recording audiobooks, post-production assembly, mastering audio, assembling sound assets, setting up mic’s, setting up field recording rigs, sound checks, setting up live PA’s, ringing out speakers, sound reinforcement, sending microphones all over America, archiving audio, restoring archives, recording studio round-table discussions, recording multiple clients in full quality over the web, editing to transcriptions, editing transcriptions where audio follows transcription, connecting with talent all over America, editing multi voice audio, mixing audio, mastering audio, recording internationally over the web, posting approval mixes, posting finished product, correcting recordings, recording foreign language programs, booking talent, recording audiobooks, editing audiobooks, proof-listening to audio, audio education, foreign language dubbing on films


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Cengage Learning, Heritage Radio Network, The Food Voice, American Farmland Trust, Hunger to Health Collaboratory, Brilliance Audio, Harper Audio, Simon and Schuster, Penguin Random House Audio, Shambhala Publications, Public Radio international, Harvard Business School, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, Lengio, Prentice Hall, Heinle and Heinle Publishers, Fidelity Images, Parker Brothers, Coca Cola Bottlers of New England, Charlesberry Productions, Candlewick Press, Zumix, Disney Babies Books, Videocraft, Envision, Library of Congress, Audible, Boston Latin School, Charles Morrow Productions, Disability Law Center, Gardner Museum, Hachette Audio, Heather Cox Richardson, Himalaya Media, Karasch and Associates, Macmillan Audio, Melanie McLaughlin, New England Journal of Medicine, Ruderman Family Foundation, Wichendon Music Festival, Interlock Media, Arc Agency


1. Heather Cox Richardson Interviews President Joseph Biden

Historian Heather Cox Richardson came to us with a tight deadline: edit and post her interview with President Joe Biden in video and audio, recorded on the eve of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  We called one of our video associates and put that part of the task in their able hands, then began recording an intro with Heather remotely over the web, audio editing, clean-up, mixdown and mastering of the audio to standard podcast level to fit perfectly on Heather’s audio feeds.  Within a couple of days, all media was posted, and within a few more, media had logged more than 700,000 views on social media.

2. New England Journal of Medicine Podcast

We have been recording the New England Journal of Medicine weekly summary podcast and the monthly clinical practice podcast for the past 16 years, with approximately 900 podcasts recorded.  These podcasts are among the top medicine podcasts on the web.

3. Excerpts from audiobooks: Jumanji and Polar Express

Examples of two of our Grammy nominees, with Jumanji read by Robin Williams and Polar Express read by Liam Neeson.  The music was scored and conducted by Michael Moss.

4. We Are Nimble and Resourceful

The podcast Let’s Talk About Food began as a production recorded in front of a live audience, a la the Moth Story Hour.  As the pandemic strengthened, host/producer Louisa Kasdon and producer/audio director Michael Moss pivoted to implement a software platform that would record high-quality audio over the web in order to safely bring our audience these informative and entertaining culinary adventures.  Hear an except of the original live show- LTAF 1, and then one of the LTAF In the House series- LTAF 49.

5. Original Song- Sincerely for the Last Time

This song was brought to Soundscape by singer/songwriter Kaeli Earle. Engineered by Michael Moss, he also stepped in to accompany Kaeli on tenor saxophone.

6. Excerpt from The Little Prince

Read by Viggo Mortensen, musical score by Michael Moss

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